Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Challenges and Trends in Mobile App development

Mobile app development has expanded in a really big way and its ever challenging the developers.

here are few trends that needs your attention.

A. Operating Systems

iOS and Android are leading but few more OS are going to catch up and  gives a lot of challenge for developer to work around and also opportunities.

More OS means more penetration and more users in the market, which pushes for more apps!! but mobile app developers do challenge fragmentation problem in coming days.

B. Demand for more power

Apple started this race by introducing 5S with 64 bit process and surely others will follow and user will expect a good game, which keep them hooked to device.

C. Screen sizes

scaling to different screen sizes is another trending in this year 2014!! As many mobile devices are coming with variety screen size, developers will be pushed to work around this. Every screen size users demands better experience and don’t want to settle with less.

D. Connected objects

as home automation is pushing to use many connected objects, we can expect some cool apps that might hit market and push some boom for smartphone sales.

all these trends consolidate developers, i read somewhere around 45% of the developers are from SME / SOHO, we might expect some mergers and take overs from companies to be more relevant and address the market.

UX engineering will be most sought out expertise along with app developers. Innovations does stand out and pull the customers.

Enterprises are also embracing in a big way and surely this 2014 will be a great year for app developers.

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