Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miracast - wireless multimedia streaming

Aiming to speed up adoption of wireless multimedia streaming, the Wi-Fi Alliance on Wednesday introduced Miracast. The new specification allows for the transmission of content between two compatible devices, even without the presence of a wireless router/access point.
The Wi-Fi Alliance’s specification joins Intel’s Wireless Display, otherwise known as WiDi, and Apple’s AirPlay as platforms to stream multimedia wirelessly. Miracast may have the advantage here where others have failed: it is not a proprietary solution unlike AirPlay, and that it seems to be targeted towards portable devices as it is far more power efficient — one of WiDi’s biggest downfalls.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Adobe Flash on MIPS platform

Calsoft Labs works closely work with MIPS, hope these Q&A will help you to understand more..
What is your value addition as a Adobe Scaling partner?
Calsoft Labs is an official adobe scaling partner and work very closely with Adobe and MIPS, we provide optimized ports of Flash player, AIR and stagecarft to different devices in consumer electronics. With team of 50+ dedicated engineers in flash team, we offer total solution including porting, certifying and licensing.