Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flash 10.2

Everyone seems to be curious about Flash 10.2. If you’ve seen demonstration of the stagevideo features from Adobe web site, then, yes, there’s a reason to be exited.

Flash 10.2 is trying to solve a basic problem that differentiates Flash from other media player. Flash 10.2 will essentially allow users to integrate graphics with hardware accelerated video. In the past, Flash video has been all software based. This has not been an issue because most of the previous generation technology did not allow full screen technology and the usage of Flash to view full screen was limited.

As technology has progressed, people started using PC to watch TV broadcast and notice a few ‘dropped frames’ once in a while when Flash plays full screen. Now there could be several factors to blame for this- system load, network communication, RAM etc. etc. These dropped frames were basically a result of increased workload on CPU in decoding the computationally intensive H.264 video.

With 10.2 users will be able to take advantage of hardware decoder on the system and be able to display graphics on top of it- much like what Hulu or Youtube is doing. If you notice, play/pause controls appear on top of video today except that in 10.1 everything plays in software. In 10.2, the video will be played in hardware, so there will not be any dropped frames, CPU usage will be minimal and for battery operated devices, the battery will lost longer.

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