Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Exciting Opportunities In Android Application Development

Android application development has burst onto the scene at an opportune time, as users are demanding newer, better, faster and more advanced applications for their mobile phones, for functional reasons, as well as simply for entertainment. If you don’t know already, it is the latest and fastest growing platform for creating dynamic mobile phone software applications. Mobile software developers must keep pace with the demand, and they are doing that by integrating Android software into the process. The Android’s open-source platform allows for the development of never before seen applications, and at a fraction of the cost of other closed-source options.

Because Android application software is open-source, developers can do OS level customization at a fraction of the cost. The Android platform also provides support for Java development of mobile applications. Mobile phone software application developers have the ability to create third-party applications using Java and the Android framework.

The Android platform offers a wide variety of features to create inventive and cutting edge mobile apps. Technologies that send and receive data across mobile networks such as UMTS, as well as EDGE, GSM, Bluetooth, EV-DO, CDMA and WI-Fi, which are all features of the Android platform. Android includes a software development kit (SDK) that provides a wide range of tools and libraries for Android application development.

Android SDK includes some user-friendly core applications, like an e-mail client that is compatible with Gmail, an SMS program, a personal information management (PIM) program that includes a calendar and contact list, the Google Maps application, a web browser, a music player, a picture viewer, the Android Marketplace client so that you can download third-party applications, and the Amazon MP3 store client, which gives you the ability to purchase DRM free music.

Among mobile software development companies, Android application development has become a growing and thriving business. With an ever-increasing level of skill and expertise creating Android applications, developers have discovered that this format is ideal for providing their customers with the tools they need, while allowing their businesses to expand and grow. When you provide content and feature-rich solutions at a cost that is a fraction of other closed source technologies, both the client and the business win.

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