Thursday, December 16, 2010

Calsoft’s expertise in Digital Home Devices

Digital Home Devices that can sense of presence of other devices near them have been growing in popularity in recent years and are leading the consumer electronics device landscape.. Calsoft’s expertise in digital home software development spans across five distinct areas: application development, Adobe Flash-Lite based solution development, browser and plug-in architecture, multimedia codecs and platform development. Calsoft has worked with numerous customers worldwide to ensure on-time and successful delivery of many projects based in this domain. Some of the devices that Calsoft has worked on include:

    * Personal media players/mp3 players
    * Set-top boxes/IPTV
    * Consumer Electronics Devices(remote control/photo frame)
    * Home networking devices (networked drives/media players)

Calsoft can provide an end to end solution starting from the conceptual phase to the prototype. Calsoft’s expertise ranges from the platform level to application level software. Calsoft also has expertise in hardware design and can help create prototypes of your platform. Calsoft would be pleased to assist you from architecture and design to prototyping the device

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