Thursday, May 20, 2010

VIA solutions on Digital Home Solutions..

I was casually discussing with a senior executive from VIA and the info I got from him was quite good.

As the widespread usage of consumer electronics and information technology increases, demand is driving the evolution of technology for the home in areas including Internet connection, storage, software, applications, operating systems, and hardware platforms. These networked technologies make home entertainment, security surveillance, and automation control easier, and enable the convenient sharing of resources with the whole household.

VIA employs its expertise in x86 computing technologies, digital media processing, networking and connections to operate in digital home and poises itself to take advantage of what promises to be a hot division in embedded computing. VIA's digital home solution is based on the Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standard that facilitates managing and accessing digital media on a network. In addition, VIA offers a convenient set of software tools (VIA Future Life SDK and API) that can be quickly integrated with third party applications.

Staying eco-friendly is VIA's long-lasting policy. VIA converges the PC technologies for digital home solutions, while providing an enhanced digital home experience that is power-efficient, carbon free, and lead free.

Most of the vendors are empahsising on GO GREEN...

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