Sunday, May 16, 2010

Introduction to Digital Home

Digital home refers to a residence with devices that are connected through a computer network. A digital home has a network consumer electronics, mobile, and PC devices that cooperate transparently and simplify usability in the home. All computing devices and home appliances conform to the same standard system in a digital home so that everything can be controlled by a computer. Network sockets are installed in every room like AC power receptacles.

Digital home product companies provide hardware and software, as well as connectivity and supporting technologies, that enable digital content – including music, photos, and video – to be distributed on multiple devices in the home and beyond.

The companies provide a broad range of building blocks for digital home solutions, including chips, reference designs, and software for media center PCs, set-top boxes, digital media adapters, portable media players, and handheld devices.

All the home appliances would include network or peripheral connectivity, such as a USB port, a wired network interface, or a wireless port (i.e. Wi-Fi).

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